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About Iconic Candy

Kenny Wiesen
President & CEO

Jordan Wiesen

Kim Wiesen

At Iconic Candy we offer memories in every bite. There are but a handful of candies that stand out through decades of confectionery history. These candies are not only remembered but remain highly sought after. “Iconic” candies defy time as they have captured the hearts and taste buds of candy fans of all ages. At Iconic Candy it is our mission to return some of these classic brands back to the market. Our venture is a long one. After an exhaustive search we identify iconic candies of the past that are gone from the market but not forgotten. Then we begin traveling down a rocky road to acquire the Intellectual Property Rights for the targeted candy. If and when that is accomplished we often spend more than a year to search and secure the original formulation for the candy. Remarkably this part is often the most difficult as the formulation for many of the greatest candies are buried, forgotten or secreted. Then we either build or acquire the specialized manufacturing and packaging equipment to produce the candy exactly as it was made it its hey-day. With our initial launch we are returning two “ICONIC” brands: Reed’s & Regal Crown Sours.

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