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Parody of Reed’s Butter Scotch

Check out the blog post by our friend Mr. Liebig on Collectingcandy.com. Its is a Wacky Parody of the Reed’s Butter Scotch:

Wacky Wednesdays – Bleeds!

Posted on July 11, 2012 by jasonliebig

On today’s edition of Wacky Wednesdays we’ll be looking at Bleeds, a parody of Reed’s Butterscotch candy from Wacky Packages Series 16.

Released in 1976, Series 16 is notable as it was the last of the original 1970′s Wacky Packages series run.  There would be no series 17, and no follow-up of any kind until a number of years later.

Bleed’s is a pretty great sticker as it’s a vampire-themed Wacky Package and those just stand above.  How can you not love Wacky Packages with vampires?

Wacky Packages Series 16 – 1976 – Bleeds

For today’s piece, I photographed an original 1970′s Reeds Butterscotch candy roll in a position that would allow for a favorable comparison to the Wacky sticker, and this is what I came up with:

Reeds – Butterscotch candy roll package – 1970′s

The vintage Reed’s Butterscotch roll pictured dates back to the same time period that the Bleed’s sticker was released, give or take a few years.  It may not be the exact version parodied in Bleed’s, but it’s awfully close.

Here’s a scan of the wrapper, removed from the roll:

Reeds – Butterscotch candy roll wrapper – 1970′s

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