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The Reed’s Candy Company dates back to 1883. Due to the unique cooking process combined with fresh butter, a richer more flavorful butter scotch was created. With the original formula, Iconic Candy returns Reed’s tradition of super quality butter scotch, root-beer & cinnamon hard candy rolls made with the same seven individually wrapped pieces in a foil overlay and paper sleeve. One taste of these unique long lasting hard candies will explain why tens of thousands of fans have petitioned for the return of Reed’s Rolls!

Regal Crown

Regal Crown Sours have the most satisfying Tart & Tangy taste. These hard candies are still imported from England with all natural flavor & color. All Regal Crown Sours are wrapped the traditional way – with the no mess individual wrapped nine pieces. The nine wax paper sweets are lined up with a foil overlay and covered with a paper sleeve using the original logo and design. Regal Crown Sours were the 6th best selling candies in all confectionery categories. Iconic candy Rolls out these individually wrapped hard candy rolls in Sour Cherry, Sour Lemon, Sour Orange & Sour Grape.

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