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HISTORY: In Sept 1987, the BarNone Chocolate bar, was unveiled. $15 million dollars was spent on testing and development before introducing BarNone on a national scale. Distribution began immediately and was followed by a national television, radio and newspaper advertising campaign.

BarNone featured a cocoa wafer, chocolate crème, peanuts and a milk chocolate coating. The bar was manufactured in Virginia.  The Director of New Development stated BarNone would become a new consumer favorite.

FANS: Candy fans around the country found BarNone to be so delicious that it quickly became a national favorite. Fans loved the combination of chocolate notes, the crispness of the wafer and the crunch of the peanuts. It was the perfect chocolate lovers bar.  After Five years of bliss in 1992, Inexplicably the fan favorite was changed by adding caramel into the mix and split the bar into two smaller bars. By 1997 the thrill and magic of the original BarNone bar was gone and the product was discontinued

Chocolate Lovers never forgot BarNone. By 2006 web posts, Facebook pages, blogs and petitions cropped up demanding BarNone with its original ingredients and in its first format.  The Candy Blog started in 2006 was captioned “I Miss Bar None … There once was a fantastic chocolate bar that surpassed KitKat in crispiness and exuded such a creamy sweet experience.” Boggers pleaded “the best candy ever. Why would they ever stop producing this awesome candy bar. Please bring them back”. Facebook fans stated, “OMG I was so addicted to these. I’m not sure it would be a good thing to bring them back as I’d probably eat one every day! I’m hoping they bring it back.”


RETURN: Iconic Candy, LLC, a company that specializes in the return of nostalgic candy brands was listening. After years of research and development, Iconic Candy is slated to bring to the market BarNone with its original ingredients and format*. Iconic used hundreds of fans who had contacted them as a select pool of lucky taste testers to insure they would get it right. Iconic Candy, LLC’s website reminds us, “Like a great song from our past, an iconic candy brings back memories like a portal in time. It takes us back to another time and place when everything seemed better, brighter and gentler.” Iconic Candies are so much more than delectable delights they are memories in every bite!

Experience that great chocolate Lovers bar with the new BarNone thanks to family owned Iconic Candy, LLC.

*Neither Iconic Candy, LLC nor BarNone chocolate bar are in any way affiliated with or connected to Hershey Chocolate & Confectionery Corporation.




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