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“The priceless ingredients of every product are the honor and integrity of its maker” has been the Reed’s, tradition, and the dominant influence pervading Reed’s Candy Company since its inception.

In 1883, two innovative young men, William and Eugene Reed, along with their father, began producing and selling butterscotch patties. Due to the unique cooking process combined with the use of fresh butter, a richer, more flavorful butterscotch candy was created to the delight of the consuming public. Machinery was custom-designed to accommodate production of cooking fresh butter in boiling syrup, and individually wrapping the finished hard-candy pieces in a cellophane “button-wrap” with eight pieces wrapped in a roll. By 1921, Reed’s Candy became the largest manufacturer of butterscotch candy in the United States.

Due to its initial success, Reed’s Candy expanded its product line to include peppermint, root beer, licorice, cinnamon, wintergreen, spearmint, butter rum, assorted fruit, and teaberry flavored hard candies cooked and processed in the same manner as the butterscotch candy.

As is the case of most successful small companies, Reed’s Candy became a prime candidate for purchase by a large company. In 1966, the Lorillard Company purchased Reed’s Candy from the Reed family and became a subsidiary of Lorillard. Two years later, Lorillard was acquired by Loews Theatres, Inc. and Reed’s Candy became an operating subsidiary of Loews Theatres and Hotel Corporation . In February, 1972, Loews Corporation decided to direct their resources exclusively into the entertainment industry. At this time, Reed’s was purchased by H.P. Hood, Inc. of Boston, Massachusetts.

In the 1980’s Reed’s operated candy manufacturing facilities in Chicago, Illinois and utilized Amurol Products, Naperville, Illinois, a subsidiary of Wrigley Gum, as manufacturer of Clark Gum under a co-packing agreement. Thereafter, in 1989, Reed’s was purchased by Amurol Products Company.

Today, the Reed’s Brand has been revived by Iconic Candy LLC. Iconic has launched Reed’s in its three most popular flavors, Butterscotch, Root-Beer & Cinnamon. Iconic uses the 133-year-old formula and tradition to make Reed’s Butterscotch using real butter, all natural color and flavor.  Reed’s Root-Beer is the classic smooth & rich flavor. Reed’s Cinnamon really packs a punch with all the pizzazz, heat and tradition of best cinnamon candy in the world. Each Iconic Candy Roll keeps the tradition alive with individually wrapped pieces. One taste of these quality long lasting sweets will answer why tens of thousands of fans have demanded the return of Reed’s Rolls.



From its inception, the major product line has been deposited hard candy. Reed’s Candy is one of the few manufacturers in the world that still molds hard candy from a heated syrup state and individually wrap each piece. This candy was packaged either in bags or rolls for the consumer. The original line flavors included in the Reed’s product line are Butterscotch, Peppermint, Root Beer, Licorice, Cinnamon, Wintergreen, Spearmint, Butter Rum, Assorted Fruit and Teaberry. Reed’s hard candy was unique in that it is a drop deposited molded piece. This accounted for the clear look of Reed’s candy. Only the finest ingredients were used such as dairy products in their Butterscotch and Butter Rum and real peppermint oil in their item of the same name.

Iconic Candy will continue as always to manufacture Reed’s as an individually wrapped piece, thereby protecting it when carried in the pocket or hard bag. Reed’s boiled piece usually dissolves on the palate slower than similar candies giving a longer period of satisfaction.

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