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Regal Crown and Reed’s Update

Happy New Year to all of the Reed’s and Regal Crown fans out there!! As we get farther into 2013, we are getting closer to our goal of bringing back two truly iconic candies from the past, Regal Crown and Reed’s hard candy. We believe that by June, we will be able to start taking initial orders. We are diligently working on tweaking the flavors to make sure we bring back these two iconic candies back to their original glory.

We are very excited for the Re-Launch of these two great retro candies, and we appreciate all the support you have given us. Please be patient and we promise we will keep all of you informed on our progress. Please spread the word to all friends and family about Reed’s and Regal Crown. Share this post on your wall if your excited to taste these two great candy brands once again!!

26 comments on “Regal Crown and Reed’s Update

  1. I was one of the persons that LOVED Regal Crown Sour Cherry Candy. I would order 2 box’s at a time as they were hard for store’s to get them fore Me. I really Loved the Cherry flavor & Regal Crown just had that Great receipt to make A GREAT Candy combination. There is a new generation out there that could get hooked on this candy; as other people have commented about Regal Crown. After all these years since this candy has NOT been available; but people Remember HOW Great they Taste. I can’t wait till WE can Buy Them Again.

  2. As soon as Reed’s Butterscotch, Root Beer, & Cinnamon are ready, I would like to purchase a box of each flavor. They were the best and I would order some Chum Gum to if you can get it.

  3. add another vote by someone who loved regal crown sour candies as a kid. another vote by someone who is genuinely excited about the prospect of them being available again.

    PLEASE let it be true. PLEASE let it be soon.

  4. Seriously, I can remember walking (we did that back then) to the corner 5&10 store (10-12 blocks at the very least)…sometimes ride my bike…just to purchase 1 roll of Regal Crown Sours in whatever flavor was available then. My friends and I would hunt for returnable coke bottle (@ 2 cents a piece) and exchange for our favorite rolls of candy. I can afford to buy serveral now and can’t wait!!! Keep up posted please

    • Did the same, Shannon. Bought those little rolls and sucked on the candies until my mouth hurt…
      Then they disappeared from my life until I was bout 30 and a local GC Murphy was having a side walk sale and had several cartons outside… Fortunately by then, unlike as a kid, money not a problem and bought all they had. Have not been able to find them since and looking forward to their return if taste same and not outrageously priced simply because they are a resurrection.
      In the meantime Jolly Rancher had a sucker at Valentines day that did not miss the taste too far.

  5. I absolutely loved the sour cherry and the sour grape (or whatever the purple ones were). I used to buy them at our local corner store in the 60’s. Would definitely hunt them down and buy them again!

  6. My favorite was also the Regal Crown Sour Cherry, which I enjoyed up until around 1981, then couldn’t find any more. But there was ANOTHER flavor I really enjoyed that no one above has mentioned. I hope they bring this one back, too. It was a Regal Crown candy, either SOUR CHERRY or SOUR STRAWBERRY and it had a CHOCOLATE CENTER to it! Wow! Was that good! To me, it was always a decision between the Sour Cherry and the Chocolate filled Sour Cherry or Strawberry. I am SO looking forward to their return, I would probably buy them by the CASE once they become available again.

  7. TO ICONIC CANDY: Please DON’T STOP with “just” bringing back Regal Crown Sour Cherry, Regal Crown Sour Grape, Regal Crown Sour Lemon, and Regal Crown Sour Orange. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE also bring back 3 of my OTHER favorite Regal Crown candies…..Regal Crown Sour Fruit (mixed fruit flavors), Regal Crown Sour Apple, Regal Crown Strawberry Chocolate (Strawberry Candy shell on the outside and soft CHOCOLATE FILLING INSIDE!), and Regal Crown Cherry Almond (Cherry Candy shell on the outside, crunchy ALMOND FILLING INSIDE). I was addicted to those “filled” Regal Crown candies as well. Can you bring those flavors back, too?

  8. OMG I would buy TONS of these – they were my Grandpa’s favorites, and mine too: the sour lemon and the sour cherry were our top two. I can’t think of him without thinking of these candies! PLEASE say they’ll be back soon!!!

  9. Marshall Loveday

    Thank you, thank you, thank you……for bringing back my favorite hard candy of all time. Regal Crown sour fruits were a HUGE part of my youth in the 60’s and into the 70’s. I would buy as many rolls as I had money – 4 or 5 at a time (even bought a whole box on occasion. My favorites were the cherry and lemon. I may not be able to eat as many as I once did (I’m a diabetic now), but it would be a real treat to have one or two once in a while.

    Marshall Loveday

  10. I LOVED this candy when I was a kid! My absolute favorite flavor was cherry; second favorite was grape. Am really excited to hear this candy may be brought back!

    – Kim

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