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Welcome to Iconic Candy

We are Retropreneurs!!

We are a father/son duo that work on bringing well known and highly sought after retro candies back to the market. Finding these candies takes countless hours of research and dedication. We gain the Intellectual Property Rights to these special candies and work on finding manufacturers to produce them in their original form.

At the moment, we are working on bringing back the following retro candies:

We have been working on sampling for Reed’s & Regal Crown for the last few months and will hopefully be ready to start sending out samples to candy stores throughout the country for initial orders in the next few months. Both candies are being made using the original recipes and will be brought back individually wrapped in the original packaging.

Please spread the word about Iconic Candy and “Like” us on Facebook and Follow us on twitter (Use the links on our website to find us on both Social Networks). Feel free to leave any comments, and let us know what other retro candies you would like us to try bring back!!

If you know anyone that has old images of any of these Retro Candies, please send us an email at info@IconicCandy.com

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  1. A New York friend of mine shared with me some of your candy. It was really good!! My sweet tooth hasn’t recovered. Do you have any distributors in southern California where your candy products are carried?

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