About Us

Kenny Wiesen

President & CEO

Jordan Wiesen


Kim Wiesen


Iconic Candy is a family owned and operated company that offers memories in every bite. We love our sweets, and want to share them with the world! Iconic Candy was born out of the desire to indulge in our favorite discontinued candy brands from our childhood.


There are but a handful of candies that stand out through decades of confectionery history. These candies are not only remembered but remain highly sought after. Iconic candies defy time as they have captured the hearts and taste buds of candy fans of all ages. It is our mission to return some of these classic brands back to the market.


Our venture is a long one. After an exhaustive search, we identify iconic candies of the past that are gone from the market but not forgotten. Recreating not just a brand, but a product that was so widely known, is no easy task. We listen to our fans’ recollections of their favorite candies, along with our own research and findings to reformulate and remaster these historical products. Remarkably, this part is often the most difficult, as the formulation for many of the greatest candies are buried or forgotten. After years of hard work perfecting these products, we are proud to relaunch these brands once again.


With so many additional products on the horizon, we hope our fans continue to support our efforts to bring back their favorite candies over the course of the coming years. Be on the look out for updates!